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Whole Lamb Dishes
Jordanian Mansaf     منسف اردني

ًWhole lamb cooked in sour yogurt served on a bed of rice with sour yogurt sauce, nut, and saj bread.

150 AED/kg
Lebanese Ouzi     أوزي لبنانية

Roasted whole lamb stuffed with rice and meat, nuts served on a bed of ouzi rice.

150 AED/kg
Saudi Ouzi Kabsah    كبسة سعودية

Roasted lamb, served on a bed of rice and nuts.

150 AED/kg
Ouzi Biryani     أوزي برياني

Roasted lamb, served on a bed of biryani rice and nuts

150 AED/kg
Syrian Meat Mansaf    منسف لحمة سوري

Roasted lamb, served on a bed of rice with green peas and nuts

150 AED/kg

Start the day with our healthy


Zaad Tray     فطور خبز وزاد

Hummus, foul, FALAFEL, halloumi, olives, labneh, zaatar, Tea Pot

55 AED
Hummus    حمص

Chickpeas cooked and blended with tahini, and olive oil.

22 AED
Fatteh Hummus (Syrian, Jordan)    فتة حمص  أردنية , سورية

Chickpeas blend mixed with chopped pita bread, yogurt or tahini almond and olive oil.

25 AED
Hummus With Meat    حمص باللحمة

Chickpeas cooked and blended with tahini, minced meat olive oil

29 AED
Foul Medamas   فول مدمس

Cooked fava beans, with tahini sauce, olive oil.

22 AED
Falafel   صحن فلافل

8pcs, flavorful mixture of chick peas, and fresh coriander leaves with special spices.

14 AED
Falafel Sandwich Kaak     فلافل سندويش كعك

Kaak bread Falafel with salad and tahini sauce

16 AED
Grilled Halloumi     حلوم مشوي

4 pcs of grilled halloumi cheese .

27 AED
Eggs     بيض

2 eggs of your choice (omelet, sunny side, or scramble).

18 AED
Shakshuka     شكشوكة

Fresh tomato mixed with onion, Garlic and eggs sunny side up

26 AED
Mfarakeh Potato     مفركة بطاطا

Potatoes, olive oil, eggs

24 AED
Labaneh     لبنة

15 AED

Try our delicious


Lentil Soup     شوربة عدس

A delicious blend of chopped onions, lentils olive oil cooked with chef spices

20 AED
FREEKEH     شوربة فريكة

A delicious Freekeh with , mix spices.

20 AED

Try our freshly made


Fig Salad     سلطة تين

Dried fig, baby spinach, goat cheese with basil sauce

35 AED
Beetroot Salad    سلطة شمندر

Fresh beetroot cubes ,feta cheese , baby rocca leaves special dressing

35 AED
Tabouleh Zaad    تبولة زاد

Tabouleh salad with a twist. Chopped parsley leaves, tomatoes, pineapple, lentils and pomegranate seeds

28 AED
Fattoush Zaad     فتوش زاد

Roasted Arabic bread with mixed greens, Vegetables and pomegranate molasses.

25 AED
Tabouleh     تبولة

Finely chopped parsley, onions, tomatoes and Bulgur seasoned ,olive oil

25 AED
Arabic Salad     سلطة عربية

Tomato,cucumber & fresh mint lemon and olive oil

22 AED
Rocca Salad     سلطة روكا

Fresh Rocca leaves topped with cherry tomatoes, onions, Served with pomegranate molasses.

22 AED

Try our traditional mix of


Trio Hummus   حمص ثلاثي النكهة

Mixed of three flavors of hummus ( normal, pesto, bekmaz spicy ).

30 AED
Hummus Bekmaz     حمص بيكماز

Spicy hummus made from boiled chickpeas, mixed with tahini and spices for levante a wild flavor.

24 AED
Hummus Pesto   حمص بالحبق

Spicy hummus made from boiled chickpeas, Mixed with tahini and basil olive oil.

24 AED
Moutabal Beetroot     متبل شمندر

Grilled eggplant, boiled beetroot mixed with tahini and walnuts and special seasoning.

25 AED
Moutabal     متبل

Grilled eggplant mashed and mixed with virgin Olive oil, garlic, tahini, and special seasoning.

24 AED
Yalanji     يالنجي

Vine leaves stuffed with rice, tomatoes and spices, Served with a special seasoning.

25 AED
Vine Leaves with Labneh    ورق عنب مع لبنة

Vine leaves stuffed with labneh and croutons at the top.

22 AED
Mix Vegetable Plate    صحن خضار مشكلة

assorted salad greens

10 AED

Try our sizzling

Hot Mezza

Chicken Liver  Molasses  سودة دجاج بدبس الرمان

Fresh chicken liver cooked with garlic, butter, and lemon juice, dressed in pomegranate molasses.

Zaad Chicken Liver     كبدة دجاج زاد

Fresh chicken liver cooked with garlic, fresh cream and molasses

32 AED
Patata Harra   بطاطا حارة

Fried potatoes mixed with coriander, spices, and garlic, served in a traditional clay pot.

27 AED
Fried Kebbeh     كبة مقلية

4 pcs of Bulgur mixed with meat,onion, pine nuts and spices .

27 AED
Almond Haloumi     حلوم باللوز

3 pcs of fried Halloumi cheese ,almon with special chef spicy .

24 AED
Cheese Sambusa     سمبوسك جبنة

4 pcs of Home Made sambusa with four kinds of cheese

26 AED
Meat with Tomato    قلاية لحمة بالبندورة

Beef Tenderloin cooked with olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, onion & almond.

36 AED
French fries    بطاطا مقلية

Soft & crispy fries dipped with ketchup .

16 AED

Taste from our finest & rich

Main Course

Fukharah Zaad

Kofta Tahini  كفتة بالطحينة

Grilled kofta (veal and lamb) covered in tahini sauce and fresh fried potatoes ,with delicious vermicelli rice

45 AED
Kofta Tomato     كفتة بالبندورة

Grilled kofta (veal and lamb) covered in tomato sauce and fresh fried potatoes with delicious vermicelli rice

45 AED
Freekeh with Chicken     فريكة مع الدجاج

A delicious Freekeh with chopped chicken, mix spices.

45 AED

From the Grill

Mixed Grill/4 persons  مشاوي مشكلة  أربعة أشخاص

Served for four persons Mixed skewers of 2 grilled lamb cubes, 2 taouk, 4 skewers of kabab and arayes, and 4 pcs of lamb chops served with fries or special rice & hummus & moutabal

265 AED
Mixed Grill  صحن مشاوي مشكلة

Mixed skewers of 1 grilled lamb cube,1 taouk and 2 skewers of kabab, and 1 pcs of lamb chops served with fries or special rice.

70 AED
Lamb Cubes  شقف لحم

3 skewers of Lamb cubes ,with zaad marination & rice or fries

45 AED
Shish Tawook  شيش طاووق

3 skewers of chicken breast with special marination & rice or fries

40 AED
Lamb Chops    ريش غنم

4 pcs of lamb chops marinated with chef special spicy served with rice or fries

75 AED
Kabab Zaad   كباب زاد

4 skewers of Mixed meat with spices , onion and chopped parsley & rice or fries

40 AED
Boneless Grilled Chicken   نصف فروج مشوي مسحب

Half boneless, marinated chicken with special spices, choices of rice or fries

40 AED
Arayes   عرايس

Bread stuffed with minced meat and herbs , tomato , with chef spcial spicy , served with plain yoghurt

30 AED

Taste the goodness with our


SHISH TAWOOK  سندويش طاووق

Specially marinated chicken breast cubes

21 AED
KABAB   سندويش كباب

Grilled marinated ground meat.

21 AED
SHISH TAWOOK  (combo)    سندويش طاووق كومبو

Special marinated chicken breast cube served in fries and soft drinks

32 AED
KABAB  (combo)   سندويش كباب كومبو

Grilled marinated ground meat served in fries and soft drinks

32 AED

Taste signatures

From the Oven

MANAKISH ZATAAR  مناقيش زعتر

Dough, zaatar mixed with olive oil.

15 AED
MANAKISH ZATAAR WITH CHEESE  مناقيش زعتر باللجبنة

Dough, zaatar mixed with cheese.

16 AED
MANAKISH CHEESE WITH HOTDOG  مناقيش جبنة مع النقانق

Dough, cheese halloumi with sliced hotdog.

18 AED
FATAYER    فطاير

6 pcs of choice ( cheese , zaatar, potato,spanish, meat , pizza)

50 AED
MINI PIZZA    ميني بيتزا

3 pcs mini pizza with tomato sauce and cheese

15 AED
MARGHARITA PIZZA     بيتزا مرغريتا

Special pizza mixed in tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese

30 AED
CHICKEN PIZZA      بيتزا دجاج

chicken cooked in italian herbs with fresh mozarella cheese

35 AED
VEGETABLE PIZZA    بيتزا خضار

Mixed vegetables including capsicum, mushroom, black olives, onion with tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese

33 AED

Sweetened To Perfection.


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