Khbz & Zaad is a brand established in the UAE with the philosophy of producing high-quality of traditional food to meet the need for daily healthy food. Our company focuses with passion on our products and service. Our quality solution for a demanding hospitality sector in Dubai for Authentic Arabic Cuisine also inspired us to merge the traditional method with the latest in technology, abide by the highest quality and hygiene standards. Khbz & Zaad restaurant offers indoor and outdoor space, our hospitality and service are well-planned and accommodates all kind of intimate events. We customized our menus with an impressive selection of food and dessert, coordinated to suit individual and group dining needs. The convenient location and the unique venue of The Plaza supported our vision in creating the theme and brought back the old-day ambiance and dining experience into the present.

Honest, Flavorful Food

Our Brand Overview

Khbz & Zaad is the brand primary created to meet the significant demand of healthy traditional Arabic food, using well sourced ingredients, prepared with passion and served with care. What makes the brand deferent, is how we pay attention to details in all aspects; food selection and presentation, design of our brand prestigiously. Our brand aim to create a distinctively unique tone change in the traditional Arabic street food, established effectively for a foundation towards branding platform and image. The significance of our image and logo, is also translated by our effort in production and service, the modernity and stylishness, has authentic and traditional roots behind it. These facts and elements are well employed and showcasing proficiency and taste.

Pull Up A Chair

Our Story And How It All Started

Authentic Traditional Arabic Cuisine, influenced by the homeland of Palestine and Jordan. Creating memorable dishes, selecting fresh ingredients with passion in a twist of modernity, presenting exclusive taste to bring family and friends together in a unique atmosphere, floating the senses to our mothers’ cooking with the sizzling and crunch sounds, the smell of well-sourced Palestinian olive oil, and the freshly baked bread accompanying the interior colors and marble, celebrating the outdoor alfresco dining in The Plaza of The Sustainable City. The vision and collaboration of the chef’s team who are originally experts in all types of dishes coming from Jordan and Palestine, with refined background and experience of 5-star hotels.

Who we are

Khbz & Zaad is a well-established business, introduced to the hospitality industry in Dubai, and interred the market in 2017 with a concept of casual development of traditional Arabic food, concentrating on the presence of the fresh ingredients sourced from reputable purveyors and the fresh aromatic spices and olive oil, brought specially to Khbz & Zaad from Palestine and Jordan. Our approach to the traditional Arabic food was thought off for quite long time before choosing the concept, in terms of having our own personality in menu selection and pricing. At the beginning, we concentrated on using the expertise in the culinary industry of Jordan, to ensure the cooking method is original, and have positioned a team of Jordanian chefs that has the same vision and passion with more than 15 years in the Food & Beverage and hospitality. Our team started to construct the menu and select the freshest food sources from the UAE and Jordan. This created a motivation to build each dish as a signature one, and also inspired us to bring an addition to the concept, and open space kitchen to Khbz & Zaad for mass production banqueting and three meal program for special diets. Khbz & Zaad is coordinating with dieticians, that advise and control our overall operations, and also working closely to establish the special 3 meal diet program be delivered fresh to our customers door step.

Our Mission & Vision

• Maintain the best quality of Authentic Arabic Food
• Present traditional Arabic food in a modern method
• Embrace the greatest of modern technology in food production
• Reach a premium place in the traditional food market in the UAE
• Grantee high-quality and well-sourced raw materials with no additives
• Provide the community with healthy food choices
• Comparative menu pricing with no compromise on quality assurance
• Consistency with all menu production and service
• Attention to detail for the comfort and class of our customers
• Become an ambassador for Authentic Arabic Food in Dubai
• High standard food service and quality
• Respect our brand image
• Healthy food distinguished by the authentic taste
• Strive, and compete to meet customers’ expectations